The BARE EXPO marketing team is on the lookout for impactful collaborations and partnerships with individuals and organizations that resonate with our core values and aesthetic. Exceptional brand partners have the opportunity to elevate to the esteemed role of brand ambassador, unlocking enhanced benefits and incentives.


  • Receive complimentary clothing pieces monthly.
  • Regular compensation for social media posts.
  • Enhanced visibility and reputation across your social media platforms through our tagging and featuring.
  • Opportunity to expand your network and grow your followers.
  • Enjoy a 20% commission, double the standard rate.
  • Featured in our Instagram advertisements.


To be considered for a brand ambassador role, you must first apply for a brand partner position through our application process. Once approved as an official brand partner, you'll need to generate a minimum of 20 referred sales. Once this milestone is achieved, we will reach out to you via email to discuss your potential as an influencer.

For inquiries or further details, please contact